Plum Sour

Brewed with pilsner malts, oats and late season plums from Cromwell. Hints of sherbet and frozen yoghurt bring fond memories of long summer days.

Porter Wallace

Traditional Porter brewed for all seasons. Cocoa & light roast for the cold, dark winter nights; a drinkable backbone of malts for the warm summer evenings


This unfiltered Pilsner pays homage to the pristine waters of the local lakes and rivers. Motueka hops give this hop-forward beer a balanced bitterness and crushed citrus notes


Single malt and single hop (abbreviated). Showcasing NZ grown Vienna malt & Cascade hops. Biscuity caramel with bright citrus. It’s the simple things in life

El Rio

Named after the Arrow River where our water comes from, this wheated pale ale is a true crowd pleaser. Earthy & green. Easy & light. A pineapple lounging in the paddock